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Turbines Are you passionate about protecting our air, soil, and water?

Committed to clean energy?

Fascinated by computing, graphics, and technology?

Eager for a novel graduate experience?

Then the University of Iowa GEEMaP program is looking for you!
The GEEMaP program will equip PhD students with
  • technological know-how,
  • scientific understanding,
  • hands-on experience, and
  • communication skills
that will enable them to become leaders in the fields of environmental science and renewable energy in academia, government, and industry.

GEEMaP unites faculty from seven departments in three colleges with expertise in wind energy, water resources, flood control, geographic information science, spatial statistics, computer science, and more.

Collecting water samples While meeting the PhD requirements in their chosen graduate departments, GEEMaP students will broaden and deepen their knowledge through
  • Additional coursework leading to the Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics
  • A special interdisciplinary Geoinformatics seminar
  • Participation in interdisciplinary research groups led by GEEMaP faculty
  • Internships in industry and goverment agencies
  • Participation in the annual GEEMaP research and technology workshop
  • Community-building activities with quantitative science and engineering students and faculty campus-wide
processing water samples
  • Is the science of measuring, storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing phenomena occurring on or near the earth's surface.
  • Includes geographic information science, spatial statistics, and high-performance computing.
  • Provides the methods and technology essential to addressing the environmental and energy-related issues of the 21st century.

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